Cresting Mt. Cammerer

.6 miles off of the AT, we neared the summit of Mt. Camerer. We tossed our walking sticks ahead so that we could use our hands to help navigate the jagged rocks. Just over the top of the Mountain Laurel bushes peeked the roof of the old fire lookout — we pressed on towards it, all remnants of a trail have disappeared.

We gawked at the incredible views. The panoramic scenes appeared extra dimensional as the nearer peaks danced back and forth before the taller, further peaks. My dad and I enjoyed a quick snack in the shade before heading back down.

We turned to enter the old wood forest trail, saying goodbye to the cool summit breeze. A number of different smells entertained our senses as we walked back down… The laurels… The horse ties… Fallen trees… Where there were bumble bees, the were pleasant smells. Lucky for us, we were surrounded by the strangely comforting buzzing of bees for the majority of our hike.

Farther down, the air thicker, the rushing sound of the stream growing louder. The temperature rising slightly with every step. The little mushroom villages established along the trail became more frequent as we kept on.

Now, streamside. The memories of the summit are just that — memories. We take off our boots and dunk our feet, the cool water leaves us breathless. Refreshed and revitalized we smile knowing that we have grown closer to our planet.

2 Replies to “Cresting Mt. Cammerer”

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Wow is that ever beautiful scenery


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