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You Won’t Find this in the FAR-AIM

It is easy for new pilots to get wrapped up in the daunting nature of their dream to fly. There are so many inherent dangers in the world of aviation that it becomes easy to forget how awesome flying is.

Taking-off and Landing in the Pattern

Two things made it unique among other training aircraft: its carburetor and its engine.

Respecting the Airplane

“A friend of mine asked me if I would fly with him to Greenville. I told him it would take me 30 days to get ready to fly to Greenville — we’d might as well walk!”

Homesick Angel

“Instantly, a smile covered my face. I looked to where my instructor usually sits to find an empty seat.” There are no words to describe this overwhelming sense of accomplishment.”


“There is something very special… beyond words… about being at high altitude and looking down at the picture that only God and aviators can enjoy.”