Tejo with Colombians

Surrounded by Colombians, having loud conversations with their friends and new music that we had never heard before, we were overwhelmed with the unfamiliar. We sipped our drinks, looking around and taking a minute to digest the newness of the situation. Time began to slow.

The Monte Vista: a walk around Black Mountain

The Monte Vista is a perfect hotel destination for those who enjoy art, cozy lounges, vintage style and quaint surroundings. The hotel’s tastefully updated lobby and lounge can easily hide its vivid history but a quick chat with the bartender will reveal disco’s in the basement, age old tales and

The KÅ«kaniloko Birthstones: Hawaii’s Stonehenge

Just minutes from the North Shore, the Kukaniloko Birthstones and the surrounding National Park area offer a rare glimpse into Oahu’s royal history that is often left untold due to the tourist-centered economy of Waikiki. Park your car near the chain blocking a dead end road off of N Kamehameha

Kites on Sullivan’s Island

Walking the shoreline at sunset is a peaceful way to end the day. Add the graceful movements of a stunt kite dancing on the wind, and you’ll become wonderfully aware of the elements working in harmony around you. Photo taken by Chris. (christopherackerman.com)

A Night In Yellowstone

The Lake Yellowstone Hotel is a classy way to experience the National Park at night. Its grandiose stature is a prominent feature of Yellowstone Lake’s waters-edge, lending it a certain historical pride like that of a statue. The hotel’s lobby reflects the wide open landscape on which it sits with

Snorkeling Across Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay exemplifies Oahu’s commitment to sharing Hawaii with tourists from around the world by precariously balancing preservation and exploration.

You Won’t Find this in the FAR-AIM

It is easy for new pilots to get wrapped up in the daunting nature of their dream to fly. There are so many inherent dangers in the world of aviation that it becomes easy to forget how awesome flying is.

Zipping Through Keana Farms

Every breath taking scene, every thrill, and every bit of fresh air that we soared through, we did it together.

Taking-off and Landing in the Pattern

Two things made it unique among other training aircraft: its carburetor and its engine.

Byodo-In Temple

“A cubby full of shoes just outside the temple reminds even the non-religious that they have found a sacred place.”