The Monte Vista: a walk around Black Mountain

The MonteIMG_0261 Vista is a perfect hotel destination for those who enjoy art, cozy lounges, vintage style and quaint surroundings. The hotel’s tastefully updated lobby and lounge can easily hide its vivid history but a quick chat with the bartender will reveal disco’s in the basement, age old tales and rugged mountain qualities.

Nestled in  downtown Black Mountain, North Carolina, the Monte Vista keeps many attractive destinations within walking distance. The hotel closes during the coldest months of the year, guaranteeing guests the best weather to get out and enjoy the outdoors whenever it is open for business.

Lake Tomahawk Park, perhaps the most worthwhile hike, is only a short walk through a neighborhood and down a hill. Visitors will find beautiful scenery, a community garden, a playground for children and a paved path around the lake. Bring your camera!

My wife and I ventured down to the park on a morning stroll. The brisk mountain air filled our lungs and the sweet sounds of nature filled our ears. We choose a rickety old bench to rest on and watch the birds dance around in the sky. School buses navigated the road on the hill above and locals walked their dogs and played with their kids at the playground. It was refreshing to relax in a genuinely happy community.

Walking the opposite direction from the hotel brings visitors into downtown Black Mountain. Just a couple of minutes down the road exists the entire business district and all of its shops and boutiques. There are many fun places to explore as you casually walk the strip — the old hardware store probably being the most notable. There are also many stores that have all of the things that you never knew you needed conveniently spread throughout the bars and restaurants that make up the downtown area.

Speaking of bars and restaurants, there are many delicious choices for anyone with an appetite. From Mexican to German, coffee houses to pubs, pick a place that sounds good and try it out! For lunch I recommend the fish and chips at the TraiIMG_0260l Head Restaurant and Bar (5 minutes walk from hotel) and for dinner I recommend… well… the Monte Vista itself!

That’s right, just walk into your hotel lobby and reserve a table for you and your party. The hotel’s menu is full of the classic delicious options with a professional twist thanks to the incredible chef. Most dishes are garnished with Kale chips that you don’t want to leave on the plate! After dinner, return to the lobby, find an open couch cushion and warm yourself by the fire.

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  1. changeme365 says:

    My hometown! Hope you enjoyed your stay!


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