Exploring Hunting Island

Hunting Island can easily be singled out as the most accessible adventure in South Carolina’s coastal plain. Located just two bridges over from downtown historic Beaufort, the island offers stunning sunset views, fresh seafood and an unbeatable connection to nature.

I have been making yearly trips to Hunting Island for over 10 years now and I have never been let down. The island is perfect for adventurers and photographers. Due to vicious erosion, the topography is constantly changing and new ways to explore emerge every year.

Interestingly, the island is fun in different ways for everyone. My brother and I enjoy trudging up the woodsy coastline inventing trails and exploring abandoned areas that have become too dangerous to inhabit. My dad and I take to the mountain bike trails through the state park that are riddled with hills and sharp turns. We have also paddled our way to the ocean from the lagoon, a great way to spot unique birds in their natural habitat.

Many people travel to HI for the triathlon. Canoe races occupy the lagoon sometimes as athletes stir the water with their oars. Some enjoy fishing from the long pier or going on dark beach walks with a ranger to spot sea turtle nests.

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My friends and I choose to hike back into the primitive camp sites in the state park to camp for a few days. When night falls and the mosquitoes thin, the woods come to life. There is so much wildlife packed onto such a small island. Raccoons begin their scavenging and deer scurry about.

It is only a short hike to the beach from the camp site in the morning. Still dark, we feel the dirt become loose sand beneath our feet. We quickly go from stumbling over roots to stepping on shells. The crisp sea breeze rushes over our tired faces as dawn first breaks. There is nothing quite like eating a camp fire breakfast knowing that the sun has risen and you get to spend another day exploring God’s great outdoors.


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