The North Shore

I spent some time meditating in the thick sand of the North Shore. The commotion of tourism and the smell of funnel cakes quickly became a distant memory as I stared into some of the most powerful waves in the world.

Growing up along the coast, I never realized how much one beach could differ from the next. I found the sand on the North Shore to be extremely difficult to navigate through. It was incredibly deep and created a sinking sensation upon every step. Eventually I just plopped down, surrendered to Pipeline’s demands, and watched the surf ebb and flow.

I came upon a Monk Seal basking in the evening sun on Sunset Beach. It was interesting to watch the little gray wonder wiggle its way back into the Pacific. I was also lucky enough to spot a Green Sea Turtle on Laniakea Beach. The little beach is known as a haven for those turtles and it is the only place that they crawl on shore to bask in the sun.

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3 Replies to “The North Shore”

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