A Day In Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is what the West is all about. The valley is home to a popular ski resort town near the Grand Teton National Park called Jackson. It didn’t take long for this little town to steal my heart with its weekend rodeos and panoramic views of the Teton Range.

Jackson is a morning person friendly town that is home to a few legendary breakfast places that will fill you up so you’re ready to get active. I chose to take the advice of some locals and fuel up at a spot called The Bunnery. After breakfast, my dad and I walked down the street to the Snow King, a mountain resort that was currently closed for the summer season.

We joined many active locals and a few tourists as they zigzagged their way to the top. The beaten path was used for horse riding tours in addition to being open for public use. Once we made it to the top we were rewarded with a picture perfect view of the town. We relaxed on the ski patrol deck and enjoyed the unique perspective of the Grand Tetons. We also surveyed the town and pointed at what we wanted do next.

At dusk we went to a rodeo which turned out to be very entertaining. Many locals showed up with their dates or groups of friends. Surrounded by good times and laughter, I closed my eyes and slowly inhaled the purest air I have ever breathed. The smell of mud and horses added a cultural flavor to the crisp mountain air. It wreaked of unadulterated freedom.

Whether you just woke up and the birds are chirping or the last ground squirrel has retired for the evening, you can always experience this feeling. The taste of the air invited a calm into the body which is visible in all who call Jackson home.



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  1. Just loved our visit to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton

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