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Byodo-In Temple

“A cubby full of shoes just outside the temple reminds even the non-religious that they have found a sacred place.”

Grand Central Station

“The engineer’s voice came over the intercom, “Grand Central.”

Cresting Mt. Cammerer

“A number of different smells entertained our senses as we walked back down… The laurels… The horse ties… Fallen trees… Where there were bumble bees, the were pleasant smells.”

Adventure To Tamborine Mountain

“At one moment we were hiking along a switchback trail, descending into the forest. The next moment we were in the forest and there was no trail at all.”

The Australia Zoo

“The views were stunning. The fields looked like one would expect Australia to look. The trees, the dirt, the wildlife. It was such a contrast to what we had seen so far in Brisbane.”

A Day In Jackson Hole

“Once we made it to the top we were rewarded with a picture perfect view of the town.”

The North Shore

“Growing up along the coast, I never realized how much one beach could differ from the next.”